Holy Baptism

As Lutherans, we practice the baptism of infants through adults and believe that baptism is a gift from God, not the result of human work or decision. When babies or small children are baptized, one of the pastors meets with parents and sponsors to discuss the meaning of baptism and begin a “baptismal journey” with God that will last the child's whole life.

We also offer opportunities for people to affirm their baptisms as they learn and grow--emphasizing this in middle school with a three-year confirmation program for 7th through 9th-graders. Older youth and adults may affirm their baptisms when they become members of the church or on another occasion.

Holy Communion

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is offered to baptized persons of any background who hunger for the forgiving, empowering presence of Jesus Christ. It is offered at all of our regular worship services.

Holy Communion & Children

Children and adults are welcome to come forward and receive a blessing instead of the bread and wine/juice. If children are already communing when they come to us, they are welcome to continue; “all baptized persons” includes baptized children of any age. When children start expressing a desire to participate in this “family meal,” parents are encouraged to talk to the Pastor so that they can prepare for the next yearly class and celebrate their First Communion.

Contact us to inquire about Baptism, Affirmation of Baptism, or a child's preparation for Holy Communion.